Ad War Update: Down-Ticket Donnybrook

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 11 2012 @ 7:46pm

The only new ad from either presidential campaign is the following Obama spot targeting New Hampshire voters, co-starring Governor John Lynch (buy size unknown):

The Obama campaign also put out a pre-debate web video highlighting various dishonest statements made by Paul Ryan:

In a two-state TV spot, Planned Parenthood calls out Romney's confused new position on abortion (buy size unknown):

In down-ticket news, Senate candidate Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) launches at Richard Carmona one of the most brutal ads of the year:

Carmona's campaign calls Beato "a partisan" and her accusation "a work of fiction". Here's the latest DSCC ad hitting Flake:

In the Missouri Senate race, Todd Akin is calling McCaskill "Corrupt Claire":

Even further down the ticket, State Senate candidate Deb Butler (D-NC) is using a transvaginal probe to hit opponent Thom Goolsby:

Sabrina Siddiqui explains:

Last year, Goolsby voted for a bill that required women seeking an abortion to submit to a transvaginal ultrasound and undergo a 24-hour waiting period before receiving services. The state senator read from the Declaration of Independence to defend his position and called the bill "necessary, so when [women] take this drastic step and deal with one of God’s creations, they know what they’re doing.”

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