How The Candidates Have Prepped


Robert Costa reveals Ryan's regimen:

Soon after the Tampa convention, Ryan convened his inner circle, which includes longtime aides such as Andy Speth and Romney hands such as Dan Senor, and asked them to compile briefing books, much like the binders he used to organize for Kemp. On the campaign plane and at his home in Janesville, Wis., Ryan has been constantly reading the policy books, using his favorite disposable blue pen to make changes. By mid-September, Ryan had two large books with him at all times. One was for domestic policy and the other for foreign policy. Romney’s policy staff in Boston was helpful in providing information about Romney’s positions, but Ryan took it upon himself to write much of the analysis and talking points.

Jennifer Granholm, who prepped Biden for his Palin showdown, shares what the candidates should be focusing on this time:

You know, Joe Biden is a passionate person and he, one of the reason [sic] I love him, wears his heart on his sleeve. So if I'm on the Ryan side I'm going to want to see if I can goad him some way that gets him personally upset, in some way to knock him off balance. See if I can get him to commit a gaffe.

On offense for Biden, I would go right after the differences in policy between Ryan and Romney. Ryan has got positions that are extreme. I'd go right at that, and try to exploit the differences between the two …. To go at the policy differences between the president and the vice-presidential candidate is a good strategy, and I imagine it can be flipped this time around. There is not going to be daylight between Biden and Obama, but there is daylight between Ryan and Romney. Going after that, exploiting that and showing people what Ryan's positions really are would be an important tactic.

Chris Van Hollen, a colleague of Ryan's on the budget committee, has been prepping Biden this time around. The above image is from Buzzfeed's collection of reader-submitted remixes of Ryan's photoshoot with Time magazine that were just released. (Dina even gets a shout-out.)