Ad War Update: Malarkey Edition

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 12 2012 @ 6:58pm

Two new TV ads from the Obama campaign today. This seven-state spot hits Romney on his tax rate (buy size unknown):

And here is a six-state ad reminding women of Romney's Planned Parenthood rhetoric (buy size unknown):

Both sides released web videos attempting to capitalize on last night's debate. Here's one from the Obama camp:

And here the RNC creates a Biden laugh track:

Meanwhile, the dark money progressive group Americans United For Change counts Ryan's sips:

Nate Cohn passes along word that starting next week it appears Team Romney will be outspending Team Obama in battleground states for the first time. His take:

After months of advertising, it’s hard to say whether a late surge in ad spending could make a difference, and I've generally been skeptical of Romney's intention to hold back on advertising until the last few weeks— especially since Obama's advertisements seemed to do so much damage over the summer. But now that the presidential debate has given Romney a bit of a reset, backloaded spending might serve Romney quite well, even if it won't reshape the race further. The ability to match or exceed Obama in late ad spending might help Romney maintain the allegiance of his new supporters and keep undecided voters reconsidering Romney from moving back to Obama.

In down-ticket news, Senate candidate Richard Carmona (D-AZ) is out with a response ad to the brutal Jeff Flake spot we featured yesterday:

And in Massachusetts, a new ad from Scott Brown's campaign deploys his wife to rebut Warren's attacks:

Elsewhere, Rove's dark-money group Crossroads GPS is dropping $8.1 million on 11 House races throughout the country. Most of the ads are just built from anti-stimulus or anti-Obamacare templates that GPS has already used for other spots – view the new ads here. By the way, if you feel like holding some dark-money feet to the fire, Sasha Chavkin publishes a guide on how to expose these 501(c)(4) "social welfare" groups as the partisan message-hustlers they are. And in issue related news, Zack Beauchamp rounds up some anti-marriage equality ads, including the following spot from the anti-Obama group "God Said". It's apparently part of a $1 million campaign, but where it will air is unclear:

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