Email Of The Day

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 12 2012 @ 8:15am

A reader writes:

I've been a Dish reader now since my freshman year at Davidson College (Fall 2000), was hooked ever since, but I've never written in before (did get a VFYW posted though!). However, my wife – also, as it happens, a Brit – decided to comment on the VP debate from Cambridge last night. I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan and couldn't bring myself to wake that early or stay up late to watch the debate (hell, I've already voted for Obama – absentee to Florida), but my can't-even-vote-in-the-election wife stayed up until 3 AM and commented. She sent me the below in an e-mail. It made me laugh out loud. Enjoy:

Ugh my god I hate Ryan so much – he is a creepy liar. Also what is the deal with people talking about their friends in the army. It is like people talking about their gay friends or black friends.

Also – emboldening? What a rubbish word. And Tallyban. Makes them sound so cuddly. Or like scallywags.

Biden is kicking a bit of ass now. He is not letting Ryan get away with anything. He is stern and firm and pushy. He's kind of presidential. Ryan is like a creepy high school debater. He looks like he is nervous and Biden looks like he is enjoying it.

Now they are on to Syria

By the way I like this moderator.

I REALLY like Biden on Syria. I want to reach in through the TV and give Ryan a slap. What a lying ass.

I am watching on the Washington Post website and I am tracking when I agree or disagree and it seems like WP viewers are broadly tracking my opinions.

WP really dislikes Ryan on foreign policy. Ryan is flatlining on Syria and international intervention.

Now debate switches to abortion. Ha he is also bombing on abortion. And creepy. Ugh. Ok I looked up the WP just now and it seems to be left of Center (Americanly speaking) anyway. Still I hope it reflects the general viewer's opinion.

I have a growing respect for Andrew Sullivan – it is very hard to write something sensible and not just write 'URRRGH what a TWAT'

They are doing their finishing up speeches now. Ahhhhhhhhh I want to go and be sick. Ryan is the twattiest twat you can imagine. God what an ass.

Come on Biden – please my god kick him KICK him in the last few mins.

What would it be like if we had 2 women debating? I feel like it would be a bit different.

…also I feel like Biden's voice is much nicer to listen to – gravelly and reassuring. Ryan's is kind of like a teenager poking at a bruise.

It's been really obvious what their debating prep focused on. Not very subtle.

Well… Time to go to bed. I feel like I need a shower first though, as this just made me feel dirty. Ugh.