Literally The Word Of The Night

A reader writes:

As the member of a large clan of Malarkeys in Oregon, I have a historical take on the progression of the Republican party.  My great grandfather, Dan J Malarkey, was a Screen shot 2012-10-12 at 12.21.07 AMdevout Irish Catholic steeped in its social teaching and a Republican.  A century ago he led the Oregon legislature to set minimum wages and work rules for women and minors. He then successfully defended that law before the US Supreme Court against the corporate interests that opposed it.   In the 1920s he brightened the line between church and state in a case before the US Supreme Court, preventing states from dictating or limiting religious education. (And that’s not a bunch of malarkey; you can look it up.)

No one is quite sure on how our family name came to have its current meaning.  Family lore has it that a 19th century beat cop in New York came back to the precinct house with tall tales and gained a reputation.  As someone who is active in public life, I’m proud of my name. It provides extra motivation to keep my facts straight.