The Benghazi Blame Game, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 12 2012 @ 2:43pm

Michael Hastings believes that the media has failed in its coverage of the consulate attack:

Taken together, this is the kind of unfolding scandal the media typically loves to make Issue Number One — the drip-drip quality of each revelation; the gut-wrenching drama of that horrible night; the shoddy treatment of the victims from the State Department; the fact it should have been prevented, and smoking guns that prove it; Hillary Clinton’s political future; and, the shifting explanations from the White House during an election year, calling into question one of its signature foreign policy victories.

Instead, Benghazi has been a below-the-fold story. The New York Times gave Libya a 23-word tease on the bottom of its front page the morning after the hearings. And not one nightly newscast Wednesday led with Benghazi — in favor of horse-race coverage, NBC and CBS had it as their third story, and ABC as their second.

He tries to understand why the story hasn't caught fire:

Media critics contacted by BuzzFeed said they weren’t quite sure if whether it was an instance of liberal media bias at work, or just a lack of appetite for foreign news. 

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