The Veep Debate: Reader Reax

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 12 2012 @ 9:12am

A reader writes:

You seem to like posting reader reactions, so here's mine. As a somewhat distracted Democratic supporter, what I got out of this was Biden did a good job pointing out that the Romney-Ryan plan is basically "we'll do something, we won't tell you what, and that will fix everything." Ryan kept trying to say what they'd do, but Biden kept on pointing at the vagueness or holes in these plans, or the similarities to what the administration is already doing. This particularly showed in the foreign policy section.

Another adds, "I think Biden didn't press hard on Iraq because he voted for it." Another quotes me:

"I propose a drinking game every time Paul Ryan tells a whopper. I will abstain until the end, and then drink them all at once." Based on the debate so far, better tell your hubby to make sure you are breathing through the night.


Biden added an authenticity to the campaign and refreshened politics. He answered every question directly with facts and rebutted lies spewing forth on the other side of the table. His opponent did not answer questions directly. Simple as that.


The most important moment was when Biden almost called Ryan a liar. It was so deft. I believe the exact quote was, "I wish he would just tell … be a little more candid." He didn't come right out and say it. But the set-up implied enough. Joe remained above the fray, didn't get dirty, but was able to imply something remarkably simple: This guy is lying to you!


I just pinged $10.00 over to the Obama campaign as a thank you for sparing me another round of Sully-panic. THANK YOU, JOE!


You can see why Biden is a good running mate for Obama: He has the depth of experience, human touch and debate delivery, and he knows Congress.  I think he's underestimated and tonight is proving this once again.  Plus, he was always one of the least wealthy members of Congress and scandal-free.  He should have debated Romney.


That settles it. I'm voting for Joe Biden for President.


I felt that Biden slaughtered Ryan. Then I called a friend who is a bit more moderate than me and he felt it was an easy win for Biden but not a slaughter. All this leaves me thinking that Democrats are overly-excited due to Obama's poor showing and conservatives will not react to Biden's win the way we reacted to Romney's. So kudos to Biden for a solid win, but unless Obama follows through on Tuesday, it was not a game-changer by any means.

Update from another:

You have somehow cultivated a readership similar to left-wing activist sites. First came the reactions after the Presidential debate scolding you for not being an effective campaign surrogate. Now your reader reax is from people living vicariously through Joe Biden, wishing they had the "stuff" to be so condescending and rude to people in real life and not just online. Ryan deserved this treatment when he was talking about closing loopholes paying for tax rate cuts, but seriously: Biden was a huge jackass.

Please don't let your 90% Democratic readership color your perspective on things. Selfishly, I want your blog to be for the few Obamacons out there. You are the only voice we have!