Ad War Update: Star-Studded Surrogates

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 15 2012 @ 7:09pm

Morgan Freeman lends his voiceover talents to a new Obama ad (buy size/scope unknown):

And this Ohio-destined Obama ad features the endorsement of former astronaut and Ohio Senator John Glenn:

Satisfied middle-class voter testimonials and the economy are the focus of this new four-state ad from Obama (buy size unknown):

The campaign also previews tomorrow's debate with a web video rounding up Romney's town-hall statements during the "Conservative Mitt" phase of his candidacy. Meanwhile, from the Romney campaign comes a Biden-smiling spot focused on the debt (buy size/scope unknown):

A similar radio ad is also running. Then there is this new spot, likely only a web ad, targeting Catholics and attacking Obama on religious freedom (buy size/scope unknown):

And Paul Ryan voices another Catholics-focused Romney ad, which deploys the slow-mo little-patriot strategy (buy size/scope unknown):


Rupert Murdoch took to his Twitter perch to praise the Obama Team's Ohio ad-buying as "infinitely smarter" than Romney's – though the latter will have plenty of cash on hand for the final weeks; Romney raised $170 million in September (but still $20 million less than what Obama raised during the same period). Elsewhere, in wingnut news, a Tea Party Super PAC made a despicable TV ad out of the Obama-phone lady. And dark-money group Secure America Now is bringing Bibi to Florida airwaves again, this time responding to Biden's comments about the prime minister during last week's debate:

"Several Secure America Now supporters who have known Netanyahu for many years were quite surprised to hear Joe Biden brag about being such a great pal of the Prime Minister," said the spot's producer, Nelson Warfield. "They thought Florida voters might like to hear directly from Biden's old buddy about the need to finally get tough with Iran."

Here's the ad, which is backed by $300K to run in three TV markets in the Sunshine State:

From the other side of outside spending, some familiar pro-Obama actresses are starring in a new ad targeting Romney on women's health issues:

The spot, released Monday and directed by noted filmmaker Rob Reiner, will air nationally and in the battleground states of Colorado and Virginia, the group said, adding it would air during shows primarily viewed by women. 

Here it is (buy size unknown):

Lastly, in down-ticket developments, Claire McCaskill jumps on the China-bashing bandwagon:

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