Ask Beinart Anything: How Can Obama Help Israel And Palestine?

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 17 2012 @ 12:00pm

With a bonus question on the future of the two-state solution:

Peter Beinart is a long-time friend of the Dish and author of the critically needed book, The Crisis of Zionism, which I defended here, here and here. Read his latest writing at Open Zion, where he recently deconstructed Sheldon Adelson’s oped, attacking Obama for his “lack of sympathy—or even outright hostility—toward Israel”:

It’s typical of the infantile “does he really love us” conversation that overtakes the American Jewish community every four years around election time. I actually think Obama has a lot of sympathy for a particular strain of Zionism and Jewish identity (just not the strain that Adelson admires). But even if he didn’t, even if Obama finds the melody to Hatikva tedious and considers cholent gastronomically offensive, what  matters more is whether he—and we—believe that Israel is better off trying to create a viable Palestinian state or not. Whatever his flaws, Obama is forthright on the subject. Mitt Romney—and now Sheldon Adelson—are not.

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