Live By The Smear …

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 17 2012 @ 1:25pm

… and it never ends. From the Israeli newspaper/website Ynetnews:

Much worse, liberal Jews such as US Senator Boxer, US Congressmen Henry Waxman and Barney Frank, and commentators like Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, and Roger Cohen of the NY Times have been jumping on the bandwagon as Obama henchmen to orchestrate a public campaign against the Israeli prime minister. They have publicly criticized and personally attacked Netanyahu and his request that Obama set red lines regarding the Iranian nuclear program, inadvertently raising the age old anti-Semitic libel that the Jews and their leaders are war mongers trying to push US to start a war on Israel’s behalf.

Sorry, Jeffrey, but you’re an anti-Semitic traitor to Israel now as well. I know you get lots of email telling you that, for which I am genuinely sorry. But there’s nothing like being accused of being a traitor in print in one of the largest media operations in Israel, is there? My condolences. As for the accusation that Netanyahu is a “war-monger trying to push the US to start a war on Israel’s behalf,” well, what are you gonna do? Be an anti-Semite or believe your lyin’ eyes?