Romney’s Bind With Women


A reader writes:

I disagree with you that Romney's hiring women for his cabinet was a good answer at all.  The issue was pay equity for women, not appointing token women in a GOP state administration.  That has nothing to do with pay equity.  And it reminds people of how few women are part of the GOP power structure.


I was egregiously offended by Romney's answer on women and equal pay. He begins by telling a story of not apparently knowing any smart conservative women, and having his staff return only male candidates. He sent them back to look for women. It was the sexist equivalent of "I can't have any illegals; I'm running for President for heaven's sake."

Another adds, "He is running on his business record, but he wasn't aware of women's workplace issues until he became governor of Massachusetts?" Another elaborates on that point:

No one in that inner circle, no one in the Romney campaign for Governor or Senator, no one from his circle of Bain capitalists knew any qualified women?  Not because none existed, because apparently binders full of women existed, but Romney and his staff never hung out with any, hired any, were friends with any women on a professional level, or served on boards or committees with qualified women. So, to find some, they had to turn to women's groups where those type of women obviously hang out. Because in the Romney sphere, they didn't know any.

Try inserting "African-American" into his quote instead of women and see the insult.  Imagine saying we had trouble finding qualified African-Americans so we went to the NAACP because they might know of some. Which begs the question on how Romney fared with minorities, but that is for another day.

Romney said "Government does not create jobs, government does not create jobs" … but also says, "I am going to create 12 million new jobs as president." Is it just me or is there a huge disconnect here?