The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew absorbed context on past elections, and while the bloggers reacted some more, readers weighed in. Candy Crowley said Romney "picked the wrong word" on the Rose Garden terror speech, a reader nailed Andrew's impression of Obama and Nate Cohn expected only a small bump. Plus, Beyonce said to "better put three rings on it."

Romney misled on Obama's pension plan, CBS News unraveled the energy debate and, despite the binders, Romney didn't promote women. George Will then gave it to Obama, Beinart worried that the race was Romney's to lose, and while XKCD illustrated the problem with predicting election winners, Chris Hayes lamented the debate discussion on climate change. The economy then picked up, David Roberts dug into coal policy and Team Romney tried to make hay of the debate. People with various disabilities left regular journalists in the dust and Arrested Development met Election 2012. 

Andrew then noted that Jeffrey Goldberg got smeared, Evan Osnos exposed China's corruption and Ed Kilgore examined GOP talking points on Benghazi. Beinart addressed Obama's mideast policy and seniors languished in prison.

In assorted commentary, Guinness went gay, authentic Thai food flummoxed and Pinterest seemed like a therapeutic tool. Moran Meis then remembered a Marxist, Tom Stafford diagnosed inbox obsessions and Michael Moynihan made the case against Holocaust denial laws. FOTD here, MHB here, VFYW here and Andrew thanked the team. Plus, don't forget to ask Mark Bowden anything!