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Today on the Dish, Andrew called it game-set-match for Obama and expressed his "bloody elation" to Chris Matthews. As bloggers aired their takes and the Tweetosphere weighed in, Romney lied egregiously on Obama's regulations record. And after Romney discussed binders full of women, lo, a meme was born - and based on a lie.

In debate previews, Allahpundit put odds against Obama, Tomasky recommended the element of surprise and Waldman advised connecting with voters. Galupo wondered whether Obama could take down Romney's hazy tax math, readers proposed debate questions and as Mark Salter said Romney didn't need to bring it, the Denver debate turned out not to have sealed the Romney deal in Ohio. Plus, Romney debated himself – and Tweet of the Day here.

In the latest polling, Andrew looked on in still more horror at Obama's post-Denver plummet as he shuddered at Obama's loss of the female vote. Romney pulled ahead in Florida, Silver argued the second is as important as the first debate and Nate Cohn discouraged against reading too much into Obama's Ohio lead. Paul Ryan envisioned himself as the economic Cheney, Romney's jobs plan disintegrated upon inspection and Hillary took the fall for Benghazi. As Bruce Bartlett eviscerated Romney's economic plan, the possibility that the Fed could cut off quantitative easing under Romney seemed likely. In ad coverage, Bill Clinton explained taxes and Jane Lynch led gay celebs in equality-promotion. Brad Plumer contextualized the shutdown of a stimulus-fundee, taxes subsidized the NFL ,and Michael Klarman reviewed the history of litigating gay life. And for a little levity, Romney's tax plan was revealed by Dems.

In assorted commentary, Andrew reflected on the strain of lying and his process of coming out as HIV-positive, Christopher Ryan discussed the first swingers, and Brendan O'Kane defended Mo Yan. Ned Hepburn hailed Seinfeld's low-budget show, Woodie Guthrie tinkered with his Dustbowl persona and readers offered more advice on New York Shitty. Felix Salmon pondered pumpkin flavor, advice columnists gave back, and as Craig Mod described his life with Fitbit, more people worked from home. FOTD here, VFYW here, MHB here, VFYW contest here and don't forget to ask Mark Bowden anything!


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