Obama Begins To Rebound?


Nate Silver rounds up state polls:

On Thursday, that story was one of President Obama continuing to hold leads in most polls of critical states. Of the 13 polls of swing states released on Thursday, Mr. Obama held leads in 11 of them. In contrast to most days since the first presidential debate in Denver, the state polls did not necessarily show a decline for Mr. Obama. As compared with the previous edition of the same survey, instead, he gained ground in five of the polls, and lost ground in four others. (Two of the polls showed an exactly unchanged margin, while two were published for the first time.) 

The other Nate focuses on Obama's leads in Iowa and Wisconsin:

If Obama carried Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ohio, then Obama would hold 271 electoral votes. And Rasmussen again found Obama leading by 1 in Ohio, as they have in every survey since the DNC–potentially indicating a stable race.