Ad War Update: Fighting Over Foreign Policy

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 22 2012 @ 7:46pm

Ahead of tonight's face-off, the Obama campaign is drawing sharp distinctions on Iraq and Afghanistan (ad buy size/scope unknown):

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign gets in the Halloween spirit by trying to scare you on Obama's foreign policy (ad buy size/scope unknown):

In the following spot, a shameless Romney continues his shape-shifting on bipartisanship (ad buy size/scope unknown):

And here's the Romney ad that Kessler ripped apart earlier (ad buy size/scope unknown):

In crashed-ad news, a blimp carrying a Romney ad in Florida had to make an emergency landing yesterday. In outside spending, pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA is planning to head back to its Bain-focused ads, both old and new:

As the campaigns are, the group is putting a premium on Ohio, and says their focus groups last week there showed that voters remembered well that particular Bain spot, in which a laid=off worker described building a stage by which officials told everyone the plant's future, and described it as like building "my own coffin." Also notable is the group, which had planned to peel out of Florida and Wisconsin, has both states on its lists where the spot will run.

From the other side of the trail, pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future suggests it might contest one of Maine's two electoral votes. In analysis news, while women may be shifting their support more to Romney in recent weeks, Michelle Merlin reports that, at least in fundraising through last month, Obama is way ahead:

Romney was most favored by female wallets in January and February this year. But in March, Romney's contributions from women started to decline from 34 percent down to 32 percent. They reached an all time low– 26 percent– in August. Throughout this election cycle, women consistently have funded Romney less than Obama. Still, women's contributions to Barack Obama haven't been steady either, accounting for between 39 and 47 percent of his total haul each month.

By the way, the anti-voter fraud billboards we featured on Friday are coming down. And here is a surprise from some research by Chris Wilson:

"The Andy Griffith Show" is the second-most Republican-leaning program in the country, as measured by the partisanship of the political ads that run during its episodes. Only the Olympics saw a higher percentage of Republican ads, according to a Yahoo News analysis of the filings reported to the Federal Communications Commission by the TV stations in the top 50 media markets. 

Ironic that the real Andy Griffith was a prominent supporter of Obama in 2008 and even took to the airwaves for Obamacare before his death this summer. In down-ticket news, Romney is lending his newfound popularity to House candidate Mia Love (R-UT) in this radio spot. as well as a TV ad for Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (R-IN):

Following up on the Weigel post we featured earlier about Tammy Baldwin's (D-WI) historic Senate race, here is one of her recent ads courting the working-class vote:

And here is a recent Mediscare-themed attack ad being aired by her opponent Tommy Thompson:

… as well as attacks from Rove's dark-money Crossroads GPS:

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