Dept Of “Yes, There Is A God”

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 22 2012 @ 1:00pm

John Avlon checks in from the close race to unseat Michele Bachmann in Minnesota:

[Her Democratic opponent Jim] Graves believes the tipping point in the district was the combination of Bachmann’s presidential campaign creating embarrassment for constituents and a more recent self-inflicted scandal. “I think a turning point was Ms. Huma Abedin and the whole Muslim brotherhood conspiracy theory. And when people in the district saw that Speaker Boehner and Senator McCain said this has no basis in reality, I think that woke people up here. That’s not what a person in Congress or especially a person on the intelligence committee should say.”

This is a congressional race with national implications because a defeat for Bachmann would send a clear message to members of Congress that there is such a thing as too extreme in American politics. It would advance the cause of civility and constructive problem solving because it would show Washington that voters will punish those politicos who pander to the fringes while trying to divide and conquer.