Obama’s Second-Term Vision

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 22 2012 @ 12:49pm

Jonathan Cohn insists it exists. That anyone at this point needs to point this out represents a stunning message failure – based on too-clever-by-half politicking – on the part of the Obama campaign:

To the extent Obama hasn't laid out a "new" vision for the future, it's because his new vision is the same as his old vision.

As he's said over and over again, including on Tuesday night, he believes government has a vital role to play in domestic policy—as a watchdog, guardian of economic security, and instigator of growth. The focus of his first term was enacting policies that would allow government to do this. Think financial regulation, universal health care, and the Recovery Act. His second term, necessarily and appropriately, would focus on pursing those same goals—whether by seeing the Affordable Care Act through to implementation or further boosting the economy through the American Jobs Act. In the Washington Post today, Michael Gerson dismisses these things as the "Marginally Greater Society." But making health care available for all Americans, creating the foundation for a green energy future, and reorienting the tax code in a more progressive direction represent some pretty bold efforts to change America.