An Unfunny Election

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 23 2012 @ 11:06am

Matt Haber checks in on Jim Downey, "the longest-running writer on Saturday Night Live and the brains behind most of its political sketches." Downey finds Romney and Obama hard to parody:

This election cycle, Downey says, is one of the most boring he’s seen.

Biden and Ryan might provide entertainment on the sidelines, but the candidates themselves—when they know they’re on camera, at least—are preternaturally restrained and dull. “I think Obama is a lot tougher,” Downey said. “What helps us is people who are goofy or have some loose threads.” Downey sees the president as something like a European jewel thief in a 1950’s heist movie: “He’s just so smooth. There are no toeholds to grab onto.” Romney isn’t much easier to mock. “He’s perfectly well-spoken. It’s not that he’s inarticulate. He can be a little clueless. He’s a guy who’s an awkward first date.”