Breitbart Without Breitbart

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 23 2012 @ 5:41pm

McKay Coppins checks in on the conservative firebrand's web empire:

[I]nsiders say that a few strong months of traffic, aided by regular, loyal Drudge links, have masked deeper problems. The portrait that emerged from multiple interviews with sources at the site and in its orbit was one of a disorganized, downtrodden army of conservative foot soldiers eager to carry out their fallen leader's mission, but deeply divided over how to interpret his battle plan.

"We were running a kind of happy cult when Andrew was in charge, and when Andrew died everyone had an incentive to spin what they thought he was up to," said one former employee. "If he knew he was going to die, I'm sure he would have called a dinner the night before and given us the tablets or something…. But he didn't."

Craig Silverman calls the paragraph below from Coppin's piece perhaps the "greatest parenthetical disclosure ever":

( has described BuzzFeed as "a left-wing rag;" has turned our editor's name into a verb, "Bensmithing," meant to describe a sophisticated form of journalistic malpractice in which damaging facts about Democrats are reported as a means of covering them up; has repeatedly referred to this reporter as a "media-approved Mormon;" has accused us of editing a hug out of a video to protect President Obama; has accused us of conducting "partisan strategy" to protect President Obama; and has written, according to a search of their site, 396 posts attacking BuzzFeed.)