Emails Of The Day

A reader writes:

Hey Andrea – weird favor to ask. Can you pop over to Lynsey’s desk and take a look for my Ethernet adapter? It’s a little custom-made black plastic connector that has an Ethernet input on one side and then about an inch or two of cable ending in a special plug that looks like a broader, flatter version of a micro-USB. I am super annoyed with myself that I have misplaced it. Again.

Heh. Auto-filling features can sometimes be more trouble than they're worth. Another shares:

Among other reasons I'm glad the debates are over is that they get me worked up so that I can't fall asleep easily, even though my bedtime is already hideously late (1:30 am). Last night I tried and failed to fall asleep, and so I spent some time reading Les Miserables. When I finally did drift off, I dreamt I was in a rehearsal of the musical version of Les Mis, directed by you, except you were a hyperactive dwarf who was running up stairs and doing backflips off the wall.

Make of that what you will.