Is Romney Now Obama On Foreign Policy?

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 23 2012 @ 9:46am

No more wars – except the big one in Iran. Out of Afghanistan by 2014, no ifs, ands or buts. Support for the Afghan surge and capture and killing of bin Laden. Must be happy with China's lower currency exchange value under Obama, as well as the record energy independence. Romney last night was the peace candidate, after a long campaign of being the war candidate.

What amazes me is that watching some of the commentary after the debate, the fact that Romney just abandoned almost every position he has taken on foreign policy and agreed with the president's moderate conservatism was taken as a smart move. Not a blatant, outrageous, cynical series of bald-faced lies.

In another context in the debate, Romney noted that abroad, "when there are elections, people tend to vote for peace. They don't vote for war." So he's for peace now. Because people like peace and he needs to get 51 percent of the vote. The day after he wins? Who on earth could possibly know?