Obama’s Gift To President Romney

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 23 2012 @ 11:17am

Last night I wrote, "Memo to Conor Friedersdorf: you think Romney would be as scrupulous in drone warfare as Obama?" Conor replies:

So what if Romney is elected and turns out to be much worse on drones? It could totally happen. I wouldn't be surprised. I'll be opposing his unaccountable killing policy from day one regardless, just as I've opposed Obama's policy due to its manifold flaws. And if Romney's drone policy turns out to have all sorts of catastrophic consequences? I hope Sullivan remembers that Obama established the bipartisan consensus behind a worldwide drone strike strategy and set all the necessary precedents without losing the support of backers like Sullivan. (He didn't even lose support for continuing his current drone policy itself.) A Romney drone fleet, operating in numerous countries with zero oversight from the judiciary or Congress, with American citizens in the cross-hairs? Obama and his supporters built that. It would be ready for President Romney on day one.

And Conor will, in a small way, have helped give it to him.