The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew declared Obama the winner, though he thought Romney's defeat on points "will be an acceptable result." And as the blogosphere reacted and the Tweetosphere weighed in, the horses and bayonets meme took off.

In debate preview coverage, Walter Russell Mead thought Romney needed to tie with Obama tonight, Enten pondered the importance of tonight's debate and Elizabeth Economy lamented both candidates' superficiality on China. Ezra Klein ridiculed the distinction between domestic and foreign policy, Jonathan Cohn insisted Obama had a second-term vision and Andrew Sprung issued an etch-a-sketch warning. 

Then in polling, Nate Silver addressed mixed signals, while Ambers analyzed the horse race. More generally, Doug Mataconis wondered whether newspaper endorsements still mattered, Daniel Foster made the case for the electoral college and Michael Grunwald heralded the president's environmental achievements. And while Tammy Baldwin pioneered gay visibility in Wisconsin, John Avlon checked in on the campaign to oust Michele Bachmann. Meanwhile, Obama's latest ad barrage drew distinctions against Romney on Iraq and Afghanistan, economists made a presidential Frankenstein and the candidates got creched.

In assorted commentary, readers chided Russ George's recklessness, Steve Brodner skewered the real housewives of the Middle East and Jeopardy! preferred non-typical nerds. Stoned spiders spun weird webs, Alan Jacobs criticized TED and readers reflected on the origin on internet dating. Sportscenter MHB here and VFYW here.


(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)