Ask Mark Bowden Anything: Impact Of OBL’s Death On Terrorism?

Buy his new book on the bin Laden raid, The Finish, here. Read an excerpt here. Spencer Ackerman recently asked Bowden if Americans should “adopt a more morally complex view of the bin Laden raid”:

I view it as a good outcome. I think bin Laden was a very legitimate target for the United States and I’m glad they got him. The methods by which he was found was part of the whole last ten years of warfare. The capabilities of that SEAL team were honed after hundreds and hundreds of raids in Iraq. Was it a good idea to invade Iraq just so we could develop this capability? Probably not. Nevertheless, we did invade Iraq and we do have this capability.

War is messy. I think whenever you are at war, you are going to run up against serious moral complications, moral questions without clear answers.

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