Baiting Your Favorite Bands

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 24 2012 @ 5:47pm

Olivia Solon reports on a new service for live-music lovers:

Detour works a little like a Kickstarter for live music. Bands announce they want to tour a certain country or continent. Then fans in different cities pledge to buy tickets (with credit card preauthorisation) to see that band if they come to their city. If there is enough fan interest, the band will make sure it visits that city as part of its tour and books the right-sized venue.

Songkick's co-founder and CEO Ian Hogarth says that the idea for Detour stems from when he was growing up in London and was obsessed with US hip hop. "It was so frustrating how rarely the groups that my friends and I obsessed over would come to London. We'd leave messages on MySpace pages to tell them we were out there, but those messages would get lost in the ether." Meanwhile, managers, promoters and booking agents weren't confident enough in seeing lots of Facebook comments from fans to take the risk of booking flights for their acts to perform in untested cities. Detour allows them to make more educated decisions about different tour destinations, taking on less risk. Fans get to directly influence where their favourite artists go.