Random Acts Of Success

According to Frans Johansson, author of The Click Moment, serendipity is central to success:

The 10,000 hours practice rule only works in a field like tennis where the rules don't change. However, take a company like Nokia — if the mobile phone sector worked like tennis, it would have owned that field and been on top for a long time because of its expertise and economies of scale. It thought the mobile phone world was about cool colours, cool shapes and cool ringtones. In one fell-swoop that all changed — no one cared about colours or shape, they are all flat and rectangular, and no one cared about ringtones, it was all about apps. Nokia wasn't stupid, it just thought it knew the answer, but in an unpredictable world it didn't.

Johansson adds:

As companies become more structured, they think these serendipitous things are the exception to the rule. I make the point that it is the rule.