The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew hoped that Obama would fight complacency, noted that everything about Romney is fake and took down Michelle Cottle's Hillaryland piece. On the topic of Mormonism, Andrew wondered how Romney challenged the church's racist policy and readers weighed in on issue – while some called the LDS a giant Etch-a-Sketch, others thought Andrew had gone over the edge.

In polls, Nate Cohn analyzed data on race and Blumenthal checked in on swing states. Then in election news, Clinton and Clint duked it out in ads, Molly Ball gamed out the ground game and while Romney reiterated his position on gay marriage, a Prop 8 proponent switched sides. Surowiecki then tackled Romney's healthcare proposals and Nate Cohn doubted Super PACs would decide the election.

Dave Weigel debunked Libya conspiracy theories, Mark Bowden mused on the impact on terrorism of OBL's death, and Brian Crisher and Mark Souva compared our navy to that of 1916. Michael Koplow pushed back against the idea that Israel might be facing a hard-right majority and Michael Massing reflected on drug consumption. 

In assorted commentary, Dana Goldstein evaluated the evidence on the benefits of small classes, Noreen Malone profiled Felix Salmon, and Claudia Hammond explored instant greying. Olivia Solon then reported on Detour, Matt Soniak revealed the reason that recordings distorted voices and Quinn O'Neill demystified crazy beliefs. And as Lucas Siegel detailed Clark Kent-as-blogger, Peter Bregman endorsed meditation. Brian Barrett then hailed the arrival of Peak Apple, popular kids earned more and Jeff Goldblum "drunkenly" explained PayPal. Finally, Frans Johansson pointed out the secret to success, Matt Novak provided a short history of the robot dog and "knife on a bottle" took the prize for worst sound. FOTD here and VFYW here.