The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew agreed with Clinton on calling Romney a far-right extremist and a flip-flopper, though he was still given the chills by Romney's shape-shifting. He then hoped for an election outcome that resembled 2004 more than 2000 and weighed in on the Mourdock rape comment, extolling a Christianity that embraces the "mystery of the Hidden God," while readers illuminated the theodicy debate underlying Mourdock's abortion views. Andrew also foiled comparisons between his Catholicism and Romney's Mormonism, and interpreted the political rhetoric behind a Mormon apostle's defense of the ban on African-Americans.

In polls, Kyle Kondik called the House for the GOP, and as Silver suspected Romney's momentum has stalled, Mark Blumenthal broke down the Mittmentum myth. Meanwhile, in election news, Ezra Klein argued the race comes down to healthcare, Chait unloaded on Paul Ryan's compassion play, Ambers analyzed the indecision of undecideds and Kornacki examined blue-state apathy. Enten expected voting gaps to widen, Christina Wolbrecht attributed the gender gap to men fleeing Dems while Jared Bernstein reminded everyone that the Dems already have cut spending – a lot. Tyler Cowen and Kevin Grier then looked at the relationship between sports and politics and while the Obama campaign went 47% in the Ad War, the South Dakota GOP accused a Dem congressional candidate of… studying.

In global coverage, Syria's horrifying conditions worsened, Mark Bowden revealed the biggest surprise of his book on the OBL raid and Graeme Wood covered the Salafi movement. Plus, ladyboys in the UAE ran the risk of abuse from the authorities.

A reader then debated Peak Apple arguments, while others refined the discussion on the benefits of school class size. Dana Stevens contemplated on-screen intimacy, Adrian Woolridge imagined the consequences of driverless cars and Christina Agapakis unspun the history of the urine wheel. Also, extroverts needed introverts, Mike Riggs explained why cops are seldom fired and Roger Ebert gushed about Cloud Atlas. Plus, Saint Beardrick looked bearded, butch and pious. MHB here, VFYW here and FOTD here