Picturing Sandy


Cord Jefferson warns about fake Hurricane Sandy photos making the rounds:

NPR was one of the more reputable news organizations to send out this picture, which depicts soldiers standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier despite being pounded by heavy winds and rain. That picture is real, but it was taken in September, not today. And then there's this photo of the Manhattan skyline tweeted early this morning by someone calling himself "Jamster" and instantly retweeted by thousands of people. Once again, that's a real picture with origins at the Wall Street Journal, it's just from a long time ago, not today.

If you think you've come across an "amazing" or "terrifying" picture of Hurricane Sandy today and tomorrow, take a few seconds to do a reverse image search or ask yourself, "Hmmm, does this picture of a shark swimming down a flooded New York street look utterly fake?"

The WSJ has a clever interactive graphic comparing Sandy and Irene while the Weather Channel is live-streaming its coverage of the current storm: