Ad War Update: The Home Stretch Of The Truth

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 31 2012 @ 8:05am

Yesterday, while Romney smiled in front of soup cans for Sandy survivors, his campaign released some shameless new ads against the president, including a radio spot in Ohio that tripled-down on their auto-industry BS:

Chrysler has again pointed out the falsity of this rhetoric, and now GM is getting in the Mitt-debunking game as well. Bill Clinton characteristically called it the "biggest load of bull in the world." Also, the welfare lie returned with some children employed by the Romney camp:

The coal war also continues, this time with Romney gearing a new ad to Pennsylvania voters. His campaign has reserved air time in the state over the final two days of the campaign – and he's not the only one:

The initial placements come as the pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future is buying over $2 million in time there, and as Crossroads is also going up with a buy over $600,000. The Obama campaign, forced to expend resources there, has responded with a defensive buy of over $600,000.

Elsewhere on Team Romney, outside spenders are going to spend a whopping $48 million in this final week of the campaign – $28 million from Rove's Crossroads groups and $20 million from Super PAC Restore Our Future. Here's one of ROF's ads that will air in CO, IA, NV, OH, VA and WI:

American Crossroads Super PAC has this generic attack ad up in CO, FL, IA, NH, NC, NV, OH and VA. And Rove's dark-money outfit Crossroads GPS will also target Obama with Spanish-language ads in CO, FL and NV. The Crossroads groups are dumping an additional $10.5 million into eight Senate races as well. Here is their Wisconsin ad tearing into Tammy Baldwin:

But Bill Clinton has her back:

Elsewhere on the down-ticket, the Senate campaign of Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) is hitting Richard Mourdock some more over his rape-pregnancy comment:

Lastly, liberal Super PAC American Bridge 21st Century drags out a cast of GOP characters with a sort of greatest hits reel regarding "the war on women":

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