Why Has Christie Embraced Obama? Ctd

Kevin Drum discounts political calculation on the governor's part:

I sort of give Christie the benefit of the doubt here. Partly this is because he does seem to be a genuinely emotional guy and may simply be reacting to the moment. But the other reason is that I find it hard to believe that Christie truly thinks he has a chance of winning the Republican nomination in 2016 regardless of what he does.

How Galupo understands Christie's recent statements:

Where Dowd and others are mistaken … is to assume that Christie is thinking about positioning himself for 2016. That’s ridiculous. Christie has more immediate fish to fry — namely his own reelection in 2013. Unemployment in the Garden State remains stubbornly high. Atlantic City’s new Revel casino, subsidized by the state and personally promoted by Christie, is struggling to stay on this side of bankruptcy. And he would face a very formidable opponent in Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who is contemplating a run.

I agree with both analyses. We can overthink this. Christie is coping with a disaster. To have the president checking in at midnight and providing all the assistance he has must feel like a burden shared and lessened a touch. Christie's a blowhard, but in so far as I have been able to see any coverage, struck me as completely genuine. Previous Dish coverage here.