Pre-Spinning A Loss

Should Obama win, Ambers predicts various ways the GOP will spin Romney's failure. First on his list:

It's the liberal/drive-by/lamestream media's fault. It always is. They covered for President Obama's lapses in Benghazi, failed to hold him to account for his obvious failures, generally failed to vet him properly in 2008, and ignored the scandals during his first term. They tipped the scales. And in the last week, they covered his response to Hurricane Sandy as if he were a conquering hero. They hated Mitt Romney because they were jealous of his success. They ignored Chicago's relentless negative campaign.

First Read bets that "Sandy will get the blame from the losing side, period." Bernstein sees this as an improvement:

[T]hinking they were on their way to victory when a massive storm derailed them would be a relatively healthy response, the way that deciding that you lost because your candidate's TV ads stunk or because he didn't have the best zinger in the debates is a mostly non-destructive response.