Should Sandy Affect Your Vote? Ctd

At least one environmental organization is trying to make sure Sandy has an effect on the race – here is the new ad that is running in Ohio and Virginia:

Ari Berman reports on another way Sandy could affect people's votes :

[While the states hit by Sandy should have their power mostly restored by Tuesday, many] will still experience the potential for serious problems, either on Election Day or the days proceeding (early voting has already begun in a number of states affected by the storm). Problems could include: electronic voting machines without power and a shortage of backup paper ballots; polling places without power, damaged or moved; voters unable to reach their polling place or unable to mail in an absentee ballot by the deadline; election administration unprepared to deal with a multitude of new, unforeseen complications.

Check the Google Crisis Map to see which states still have power outages. Previous coverage on whether Sandy should affect people's votes here, and how the storm might split the electoral college and popular votes here.