The Little Carousel That Could, Ctd


Turns out that iconic photo from Hurricane Sandy was also a View From Your Window. A reader writes:

I took the photo of Jane's Carousel you wrote about. (My girlfriend posted it to Instagram.) I've read the Dish from the early days and actually sent you a couple photos for View From Your Window. This was the view from my window that night. Here's what I wrote about the photo. I've attached the original in case you want to run it. I have some others from that night too.

One of them is seen above. Our reader Brian Morrissey, whose name we got permission to run, writes in his piece:

I took the photo at 8:30, near the height of the storm.

Soon after, my girlfriend posted a copy of it to Instagram and sent out a link on Twitter. Almost immediately, the photo got spread all around. We were forced to evacuate our building shortly after posting, reaching safety at a nearby family member’s apartment a half hour later to find requests from news outlets worldwide to run the photo. It was apparently a top trend on Twitter. By the next morning, it was on CNN and published by the UK’s largest newspaper. All told, it was shared nearly 20,000 times, appeared on The Huffington Post, HLN, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, among others. …

There are a few others of Jane’s Carousel that night, but Brooklyn Bridge Park was closed off. We happened to have an apartment with a good view of the carousel. And then there’s timing. The picture was shared at the height of storm anxiety — not something I thought of at the time — and captured that moment.

Dish readers never cease to amaze.