When Will The Lights Turn On?


Why power is so slow to return:

According to Sakis Meliopoulos, a professor of electrical energy, systems and controls at Georgia Tech, it takes a lot of time to restore the power in every part of the grid after such a damaging disaster, because before turning on the switch in the affected areas, "each circuit has to be checked" to make sure it’s in good shape.

The latest from the governor:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Friday that about half of the 2 million homes in New York that lost power during the storm now have it restored. Some power may return to downtown Manhattan today, Cuomo said, adding that he will hold power companies accountable for their performance. 

What the mayor is saying:

At a press conference, Mayor Bloomberg says hope is to have power in Manhattan by midnight TONIGHT.

(Image via Keerthik Sasidharan, artist unknown)