To Gouge Or Not To Gouge? Ctd

Craigsgas nov5

Is there any demand Craigslist can't meet? Adam Martin surveys the black e-market:

There may be a shortage of fuel but there is no kind of shortage of people willing to sell it for $10 to $20 a gallon on Craigslist. In Flushing, Queens, somebody will let you drop by and fill up for $10 a gallon, but for $15 a gallon (at a ten-gallon minimum) you can get it delivered from someone out in Hewlett, Long Island, due east of JFK. Someone in Richmond Hill, Queens, is asking for offers from people who want to come by and fill up, with a listed price starting at $100 apparently for a five-gallon can. Someone else in Brooklyn also wants $100 for five gallons. Then there's the person offering five gallons for $70, in batches as big as 45 gallons: "Discounts for multiple purchase (call your friends!)." And that's just what was posted to Craigslist within the first two hours or so of Monday.

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