n. The Study Of Political Elections

A reader quotes me:

"Probably a Sandy-effect, but there are some straws in the psephological wind to back it up."  Thank you for "psephological," Andrew.  You sent me to the dictionary with that one.  I love discovering new words and that was one that had escaped me until now.


What the fuck?!  Who the Hell will ever need to use this asshole word?  It made me angry to learn the definition when I googled it.  I repeat, who the Hell would ever find this asshole word useful?  Shame on you.  I'm angry at you for inflicting this word on me.

Buckley, Safire and Hitchens are dead. What are you gonna do? Give up?  Update from a reader:

At least in one country, every English-speaking news junkie above a certain age knows the word "psephology".  That's because one of the earliest private news channels in India was started by Prannoy Roy, who describes himself as a psephologist and was already a celebrity in the days of state-run TV (i.e. the 1980s) via his weekly programme "The World This Week".