The Weekend Wrap


This weekend on the Dish, Andrew tracked the latest developments in the presidential horse race. He declared that Tuesday will be a reality check for pollsters and pundits here and here, noted the "chaos" that marked absentee voting in Florida, highlighted the views of Romney supporters in Ohio, asked if independents were moving back to Obama, reiterated Romney's uabashed support for torture, and provided election-related quotes of the day here, here, and here. Andrew also asked if Iran blinked, appreciated Michael Signorile's apology to a gay Republican, ran a reader's thoughts on the NYC Marathon cancellation, pointed to a photograph of another reader's post-Sandy cleanup efforts, and aired a debate over price-gouging in the wake of natural disasters.

It wasn't all politics at the Dish, though. In literary news, Dorian Lynskey resisted the tyranny of the must-read, Ian McEwan extolled the novella, Frank Cassese remembered writing advice from David Foster Wallace, and Stephen Marche pondered Google Books and the digitization of literature. Jane Martinson explored India's new wave of gay writers, Richard Russo divulged the origins of his new memoir, Drew Toal reviewed the letters of Kurt Vonnegut, and Patrick Ross lamented the arrival of Frankenwords. Read Saturday's poem here and Sunday's here.

In matters of faith, doubt, and philosophy, Theo Hobson described what he learned from Rowan Williams' theology, Clancy Martin reported on the schisms among gay evangelicals, Maria Popova recommended another recording of Alan Watts, George Scialabba considered the meaning of progress, and William Deresiewicz worried about the loss of solitude and privacy in the modern world.

In assorted coverage, Jerry Saltz summarized the devestation Sandy caused to the New York art world, Dominique Browning provided tips on growing safer trees, Michael Specter wondered about geoeningeering our survival of climate change, Matthew Teague profiled a repo man, Meehan Crist and Tim Requarth documented the ambiguities of rising IQ scores, Eric Barker explained the effects of sleeping pills, Robert Ito fretted about social robots, Heidi Julavits contemplated love and lust on reality matchmaking television shows, and Ben Reininga culled a list of strange sex advice from Cosmopolitan. MHBs here and here, FOTDs here and here, VFYWs here and here, and the latest window contest here.

– M.S.

(Photo: Captain America comes to Romney's rescue on Halloween. By Jez Coulson, whose full portfolio of Americana can be found here.)