The View From Your Election


As in 2008, we're inviting readers on this secular sacred day to email us photos, anecdotes, feelings, experiences and anything that surprised you when voting today. Just email us if you have a story you think would really interest fellow Dishheads – we have a tiny staff and a long day ahead and that in-tray can get overloaded. Beast email is still down because of Hurricane Sandy, so be sure to use our makeshift address, We'll keep updating through the day. An early voter writes:

At my precinct polling place by 7:30 a.m. Fairly long line. It turned out that all the voting machines were broken. So we all had to vote by provisional ballot. Ridiculous. The lady just behind me in line brought along her daughter, I'd say she was about 8-10, certainly an elementary school student. Mom starts to fill out the ballot and the child shrieks, "No, not him! Nooooo!" Then she takes up a chant "Ba-rack O-bam-a, Ba-rack O-bam-a, Ba-rack O-bam-a!" Mom is perplexed, hushing her, and then finally "Alright, alright." "Ma'am can I have another ballot?" She hands back the one she started, fills out a new one, and the kid starts applauding "yeah!"

A voting booth conversion? A juvenile act of extortion? Pretty bizarre incident. In any event, I'd say it was the kid who effectively cast that ballot. But why not? It's about her future.

(Photo: Election Inspector Jim Nodorft unfurls the American flag to hang it up outside the Smelser Town hall as the polls opened at 7 a.m. on November 6, 2012 in Georgetown, Wisconsin. By Mark Hirsch/Getty Images)