The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, after Obama's speech reminded Andrew how "deeply American" the president is, Andrew hailed last night as a BFD for marriage equality, underscored Dick Morris' buffoonery, and read Rove's going rogue as a debacle for Roger Ailes. Readers reacted to the big win for Obama, Twitter captured the drama as results came in, and readers meep-meeped. Ezra Klein analyzed Obama's speech, Dan Savage reflected on the ground broken on gay equality, Alex Ross ruminated on Obama's role in delivering those colossal gains and, on the downside, most of New York's pro-equality Republicans fell. As we looked back at Andrew's views on pot legalization, the end of prohibition took root.

In other post-election analysis, Brian Beutler examined how the GOP lost the Senate, a reader philosophized on the formation of the new "America," and Weigel explained the arrival of the Republican minority. Frum cautioned against focusing solely on immigration, while George Will touted Rubio as the GOP's great Latino hope. As Douthat called last night a "realignment," Rush Limbaugh put it quite another way. The rest of the world's newspapers reacted, Puerto Rico bid for statehood, Drezner found Obama winning the foreign policy issue handily, and Marc Lynch reality-checked Fox's Benghazi obsession. Massie, meanwhile, rounded up The Corner's responses to Obama's re-election, Friedersdorf took GOP talking heads to task, and Nate Silver seemed to be a warlock. Jonathan Cohn cheered the survival of Obamacare, Kathryn Lofton argued Romney wasn't Mormon enough, and Henry Farrell worried about the decline of polling. Mary Matlin earned a Hewitt nod while Sasha and Malia appeared more mature than Matlin.

MHB here, a snowy NYC view here, and that lady with the American flag in her hair here. Andrew's appearance on Colbert is here if you missed it.