The Democrats’ Foreign Policy Advantage

Drezner digs into the exit polls:

A glance at the exit polls showed that Obama won the foreign policy question pretty handily.  Only five percent of respondents thought that foreign policy was the most critical issue in this campaign — but of those five percent, voters went for Obama over Romney by 56% to 33%.  Voters were also more likely to trust Barack Obama in an international crisis (57%-42%) than Mitt Romney (50%-46%).  This is the first exit poll in at least three decades where the Democrat has outperformed the Republican on foreign policy and national security.  

 Drum adds:

Thanks, George Bush! We like to say that Americans have short memories, and that's true in a way. On the other hand, a majority of voters still blame Bush for the lousy economy more than they blame Obama, and the Bush destruction of the Republican brand on foreign policy still seems to be going strong too.

This result, combined with the last debate when Romney all but endorsed Obama's handling of foreign affairs, should represent the dead end of neo-conservatism: another ideology in the dustbin of history, along with all the others.