What About Benghazi?

Last night, Fox News couldn't stop talking about how Libya should have doomed Obama. It was surreal – just a glimpse into the crazy that now defines the Ailes-Rove right. Marc Lynch provides a reality check:

In retrospect, I suspect that the intense focus on Benghazi hurt Romney more than Obama.  I suspect that most voters quickly recognized Benghazi for the Republican pseud0-scandal it always was, and received it at roughy the same wavelength as Donald Trump demanding a birth certificate.  The prospect of a hammer blow to bring down the incumbent enemy may have thrilled the base, but the very fact of its identification with Fox News and the right wing bubble limited its ability to travel farther.   So did the fact that it fairly clearly was not a "scandal" of any significance.  Yes, the tragic deaths revealed serious, relatively low-level, issues with inter-agency coordination and communication, and more major issues about intelligence and the changing nature of al-Qaeda's strategy and organization.  But it was never the scandal which Republicans so desperately wanted it to be, nor Libya the failure so many believe it to be. Hopefully the real issues can now be addressed outside of the partisan frenzy.