How Out Of It Was George Will?

Just a reminder of one specific prediction before the election:

I'm projecting Minnesota to go for Romney. Now, that's the only state in the union, because Mondale held it — native son Mondale held it when Romney was — when Reagan was getting 49 states — the only state that's voted Democratic in nine consecutive elections. But this year, there's a marriage amendment on the ballot that will bring out the evangelicals and I think could make the difference.

Obama won Minnesota by 53 – 45. The anti-marriage equality amendment? It failed to pass. And liberals triumphed in the legislature. I've long respected George Will, like Michael Barone. But they both simply haven't moved with the times. They're stuck in the American past and the conservative cocoon. And they have just made total fools out of themselves. Michael has written a heart-felt mea culpa on misreading the numbers and on live television was the man who talked Karl Rove out of his state of denial. George F Will's latest column takes no responsibility for his simply crazy prediction of a 321 – 217 landslide for Mitt Romney. Maybe he will do so – and explain why he had no idea that America had lots of brown and black and female and gay citizens until late Tuesday night.

But a question: If someone is that out of touch with reality, why are they given jobs as analysts in television or the newspapers? If a dentist drilled into your forehead rather than your tooth, he'd be accountable. Those paid handsomely to examine the American social and political landscape can miss by the same mile and blithely carry on as if nothing had happened.

At the very least, these conservative intellectuals need to explain their simply staggering ignorance of the country they live in, why they refused to believe the data, why they insisted that America was still where it was in 1980. If they really had integrity, an error of this magnitude, repeated with such emphasis, in the face of overwhelming evidence, up to the day before it was revealed as a total mirage, would prompt them to quit their current jobs and do something more useful.

Will Will?