The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew enjoyed a little Fox News Schadenfreude before diving into the Right's massive reality issues. He also wondered if George Will and his deluded brethren will ever have the integrity to find new professions, and then marveled at Romney's poor showing in CA and NY. After Massie checked on the post-election denial at The Corner, Michael Grunwald doubted the GOP would learn their lesson – not that Maddow and Heilemann didn't try to set them straight. Besides, as Larison noted, the Republicans have Chris Christie to inexplicably blame for Obama's victory.

Also, Ackerman, Sasha Issenberg, and Michael Scherer looked at the success of the Democrats' nerdiness, and Massie, Ruy Teixeira, and others dug into the GOP's big Hispanic problem. David Simon championed America's new racial and social hierarchy, while Drum poured cold water on this week's liberal glee. Then while Romney sang a ditty, Lauren Ashburn took Douglas Brinkley's temperature on Mitt's future (in short: good luck). On the rest of the ticket, Noam Scheiber let the air out of the Paul Ryan effect. Also, despite the overall accuracy of Nate Silver, #DrunkNateSilver and the other poll-aggregaters, Jason Zengerle worried that the current math-frenzy would make future elections even horse-racier. Jonathan Bernstein and Nate additionally pondered the Left's possible edge in the electoral college, which Florida finally made 332-206. Jennifer Victor broke down the spending splits of Teams Obama and Romney, while Karl "Crossroads" Rove and his ilk learned they'll have "holy hell to pay" to their disgruntled bankrollers.

Weigel and Ana Marie Cox remained happily astonished at Tammy Baldwin's victory, while efforts to bring marriage equality to Minnesota pushed forward. We also learned that – surprise – campaigning as a rape-philosopher is not the secret to electoral success. Later we loved to hate how Eric Dondero has sworn off his liberal acquaintances (except maybe Elton), and we laughed as Robert Stacy McCain posed as a grand historian to suggest "manful endurance" to the Right.

In suddenly-legal weed news, Jacob Sullum sketched the upcoming timeline for CO and WA, which Paul Campos hoped Obama would be laissez-faire about, and assuming that's the case Erik Voeten imagined American drug tourism. Remembering last week's storm, Eric Roston compared the clarion calls of Sandy and 9/11, while our Face Of The Day still doesn't have power in Brooklyn. A wistful Lauren Slater contemplated the unprovable love of pets – even a raccoon – and Quartz examined the economic implications of Brazilian dog-ownership. Radiolab explained the physics of coffee rings, Alexis Hauk visited the graves of dead writers and Josh Levin warned against the distractions of music-listening while biking.

Short men could jump in our Mental Health Break and there was Jersey snow for Obama/Biden in our VFYW.

– C.D.