Will Obama Crack Down On Legal Weed?

Paul Campos hopes Obama respects the wishes of Colorado and Washington state voters:

Marijuana legalization may not seem like a particularly important issue. It is – because a rational approach to marijuana regulation is the first step toward treating drug addiction as a medical problem, rather than a law enforcement issue. This in turn would be an important step toward combating the catastrophic social consequences of a criminal justice system that has put an astounding 2.5 million Americans in prisons and jails on any given day.

Allowing states to adopt more rational drug policies is the absolute minimum that progressives ought to expect out of the Obama administration in regard to such matters. When it comes to ending the federal government’s absurd war on marijuana, our plea to Barack Obama couldn’t be simpler: don’t just do something, stand there.

Amen. If Obama's DEA follows the claptrap of this kind of thinking, they can expect a war from their base. Leave the states alone.