Obamacare Is Coming


Kate Pickert outlines the next steps:

[G]overnors will soon decide whether to set up their own health insurance marketplaces to regulate individual and small business health plans. Many Republican governors had held off making this call until after the election. States that opt not to set up exchanges will open the door for the federal government to run them instead. Thanks to a part of the Supreme Court Obamacare ruling that left the law’s large Medicaid expansion as optional instead of mandatory for states, governors and state legislatures will also have to decide whether to widen eligibility for the public insurance program. (Here’s a reliable timeline of Obamacare provisions and when they are scheduled to go into effect.) As Phil Galewitz reported for Kaiser Health News, some state-based Republicans may be persuaded to get on board with such pieces of the law now that it’s definitely staying on the books.

Judy Soloman, who provides the above chart, comments:

While governors in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and several other states have said they’ll reject the Medicaid expansion, most states are either moving forward or their governors remain undecided, as this map shows.  In many of the latter states, governors had said that they wanted to wait until after the election to decide. Now that we know the expansion will proceed, undecided governors should move ahead and governors who have opposed it should reconsider.