Romney’s Bureaucratic, Bumbling Campaign, Ctd

A reader writes:

For all the big talk about their GOTV efforts, what the Romney campaign really could have used was a community organizer. Oh the irony.


Obama executed quantifiable long-term plans, adaptable short-term planning, an innovative GOTV initiative and plotted better ad strategies, while Romney had the ORCA trainwreck, inaccurate internal polling, poorly informed managers and insufficient fiscal planning (e.g. coffers too low in July to react to the Obama ad blitz seems so minor league!).  Not to mention its upper management was rewarded with bonuses in September, right after the languid convention and the embarrassing European trip.

On the macro level, if you take the entire campaign at its face value as a business – a job creator, even? – the Obama campaign had a higher return on investment, ran a better strategy, implemented better tools and metrics to achieve its targets, spent its money more wisely, had a more efficient staff org chart and better managers.  In the free market system, it was a strikingly successful example of entrepreneurial acumen.  Romney and Rove were beat at their own game.

Another makes a great connection:

Remember that the first words out of Byron York's mouth upon witnessing his first Obama Rally in 2008 were "We're going to need a bigger boat," referencing the point in Jaws where the shark first appears. Do you remember the name of the boat they used that ended up being destroyed? It was the Orca.


Thought you guys might be interested to know ORCA was only unprecedented if you ignore Houdini, Obama For America's program to facilitate volunteers digital scrubbing of lists in '08. It was exactly as ORCA has been described and like ORCA, it crashed. Around 11am if memory serves. But unlike ORCA, no one missed it. We had a back-up plan in place that worked just fine. I wasn't on staff this cycle, and was only in a swing state the last few days, so I could be wrong about this, but I heard not one peep of Houdini 2.0.

Another testimony to the success of Obama's ground game:

Watching Romney's communications person's hubris regarding what turned out to be the disastrous ORCA was something that had to be seen to be believed. The myth of Romney as business genius surely must be put to rest if every aspect of his campaign is studied.  Surely he mastered the art of pillaging honest businesses to make money for himself and his investors, but running a business? Not so much. He would have failed as a CEO of an actual company that made or sold anything.

I live in Ohio. I am a married woman in her forties who resides in Ohio. I'm a mother. I voted for George W. Bush twice. I was impressed and swayed by the Obama message and campaign in 2008 and voted for him them, much to the dismay of my husband. I can't say I was overwhelmed by Obama's accomplishments as POTUS the last four years, but given the amount thrown at him from a resistant Congress and the crazies who make up the birthers, conspiracy theorists and Donald Trump, I gave him a bit of a pass. I'd rather someone is on office I believe at least will give due consideration and thought to his decisions whom I disagree with, than someone who will decide for the most politically advantageous decision. I went into this election pretty much undecided. It didn't take long to see Mitt Romney's craven desire to win won over his faith or belief in humanity and the country.

I had very little to do with the Obama For America website this election, however, in an attempt to escape the onslaught of harassing television and radio ads, direct mail pieces and a phone that rang so may times a day I ended up unplugging it, I voted early. Low and behold, a few days after I voted I received an email from OFA thanking me for voting. It had an invitation to a get out the vote event at a neighbor's home a few blocks from my home. When I clicked the response box that I could not attend a window popped up giving me several alternatives to helping the campaign such as making phone calls. Get out the vote opportunities continued to pop up in my email the remaining weeks of the campaign.

On election day, I got several text messages from OFA asking me to make a few calls. Can you make 5 calls? No. Can you make 3 calls? No. Can you make 1 call? Yes. That's a ground game.