A Poem For Monday


"Table Setting" by Rebecca Dinerstein:

I am always falling in love when I have work to do.

But there are other distractions, if you don’t pull through:
roll of red ribbon, green candle on a crystal stand,
orange cup of unground salt, violets with furry leaves.
Map of the north cape with tunnel directions.

And there are finer pairs than you and I would make:
pale tablecloth with pink flowers,
pale sky with pink sky at mountain height,
brown teacup and saucer, golden honey jar
and golden space between one mountain and another.

A golden green night field. No finer solitude.
Here lies the field with the sun on its forehead;
there goes the man with the sun in his mouth.

(Reprinted from Lofoten © 2012 H. Aschehoug & Co. (W. Nygaard), Oslo, with permission of the author and publisher. Photo by Flickr user Powellizer)