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Today on the Dish, Andrew assessed the career of David Petraeus, a view that dovetailed Michael Cohen's. Bob Wright thought the militarization of the CIA was the most important Petraeus controversy, while Greenwald was outraged over the FBI overreach that brought the whole affair to light. Michael Gerson, meanwhile, continued to fall for the Petraeus BS while Podhoretz got giddy over a shirtless FBI agent.

In political coverage, Andrew and others pondered the possibility of a soonish Grand Bargain, explored the GOP's disfunctional marriage to the South, and guessed at the GOP's readiness to back down on taxes. Millman and Wick Allison questioned the math and morals of Republicans, whose campaign spending was exposed as a total debacle. Weigel pulled on the loose thread of party unity, Ryan Lizza anticipated the arrival of a purple Lone Star State, Americans continued to embrace Obamacare, and a bunch of pundits got tossed into a shame tumblr.

Lots of Yglesias nominations today: Bobby Jindal's murmurs of sanity earned one, as did Douthat for acknowledging the farce of Dick Morris, as did Gaza Gateway for critiquing some Chomsky support, as did Erick Erickson for aiming to drain the GOP's fever swamp. Archived Andrew reflected on what it's like to be gay and Catholic while JPod fired a pro-equality conservative. Noah Feldman tried to imagine how the SCOTUS would weigh legal weed, a topic Mark Kleiman worked to explain. James McGirk assembled a literature club for the far right while Daniel Foster encouraged conservatives to listen to the Boss.

Looking abroad, Tom Freston applauded the "new heroes" of Afghanistan's first professional soccer league, Hugh Sinclair shook his head at the terms and conditions of micro finance, and our FOTD celebrated Diwali. In assorted coverage, Kevin Dutton noted the surprising likelihood of psychopathy, Megan Garber watched the masculinity of pronouns decline, Eric A. Morris devalued the energy savings of rail transit, and Catherine Rampell saw young people start their own households. We visited Asthmapolis, previewed two new books on poverty, learned that plane crashes are very survivable, and gazed at the bacteria in our navels.

The Dish featured some skyscraper clouds in our VFYW from Tampa, while just to the south, two readers shared a victory in this week's window contest from Haiti. A cool ad we found blended classical art and ironing. We got to go dancing on our MHB, but nobody could top this parrot.  Veterans Day weekend wrap here.

– C.D.

(Photo: Totality is seen during the solar eclipse at Vlassof Cay in Palm Cove, Australia on November 14, 2012. Thousands of eclipse-watchers gathered in this part of North Queensland to enjoy the event, the first solar eclipse in Australia in a decade. By Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)