“The End Of Men … English Pronoun Edition”

According to a study by gender theorist Brian Earp (pdf), male-dominated pronouns are in decline. Megan Garber summarizes:

"Across three domains–academic, popular, and personal–the results are clear," Earp writes. "He/man language is increasingly less used, and nonsexist alternatives are on the rise." Among the academic literature, Earp recorded a marked decline in the use of the term "mankind": from 3,149 instances in the span between 1970 and 1971 to 1,929 instances in the 1999-2000 span–a 38.8 percent decrease. "Humankind," on the other hand, saw a 1,890-percent increase: from 63 articles in 1970-1971 to 1,192 articles in 1999-2000. "He or she," for its part, saw a 1,194-percent increase.